New book on Business Engineering and papers on Architecture and Process Patterns published in International Journals

With this announcement, we are beginning a new section of this blog in English oriented to many foreign non Spanish speaking professionals who have requested information about my work in a language accessible to them.

I begin this new section with a book on Business Engineering, which has been requested by an international Publishing Company. In such a book I give the latest ideas that provide a solid foundation for the design of businesses; they are based on an Ontology that defines with precision the relationship among strategy, business model, process architecture, and processes and information systems detail design. A key new component that supports this view is the idea of Business Design Patterns, which extends and complement s the Architecture and Process Patterns that have been documented in several books and papers. The book also emphasizes the application of Business Engineering to the design of Services, a subject that is very active in terms of proposals and short of solutions, and, in particular to Hospitals, based on the knowledge and experience we have generated in a large project with public hospitals in Chile.

We complement this new section with a group of recent papers in English, which have been published on international journals, on Architecture and Process Patterns and other subjects, which complement and detail the content of the book above.

See book Business Engineering

See papers

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