Prof. Oscar Barros invitado a Conferencia BPM en Londres

En el contexto de la “Business Process Management Conference Europe 2009″ a realizarse en Londres, Inglaterra , los próximos 28, 29 y 30 de septiembre, el Profesor Oscar Barros moderará el panel de discusion de expertos BPM with Lean and Six Sigma – Friends or Foes”.

El Panel estará compuesto por Paul van Doorne (Manager BPM, KPN Business Market), Grace Duffy (President, Management and Performance Systems) y Steven M. McCrystal (SVP, Managing Director, IS Transformation, Diageo Plc).

A continuación una breve descripción de los Temas principales y el enlace de la web de la conferecia para mayor información:

“There are lots of process improvement advocates in our organizations today espousing best practices to significantly or incrementally improve the performance of the work we do. Many of these practices, methodologies and techniques have a heritage such as industrial engineering, quality management, measurement, IT requirements and other precedents. Which is the best for you? Is it one of them such as six sigma? Is your organization enamoured with Toyota and Lean? Is BPM different from these? This panel will feature an examination of these questions and strive to find the similarities and differences among them. It will also aim to project the future of the approaches. Are they converging? What can we expect?

  • The backdrop for analytic and design process approaches
  • Why Lean?
  • Why Six Sigma?
  • Why BPM?
  • Convergence or Divergence?

Web de la “Business Process Management Conference Europe 2009″